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IT Tutor Pro is very well know for – providing quality, certified and innovative training along with practice labs under one umbrella.We deliver training that is In depth, informative, meaningful, and engaging.We cover a variety of training, primarily focused on IT “Information Technology” career oriented & Certification training – with a pass rate of 98.4%
Our renowned career path training Like Web and Database management, Cyber security, project management, Clouding computing, Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence, Data Science, Machine Learning and Deep Learning and much more…

Our comprehensive library contains thousands of training videos from several vendors in the IT Space under one umbrella – Microsoft, CompTIA, Cisco, IBM, Salesforce, AWS and VMWare and many Open Source software training.

Whether you want to pass a certification exam, increase your knowledge or skills, Increasing your technical credibility, or simply learn new things, we’ve got you covered!

All of our training is delivered via 3 Channels

1. through high-quality online streaming video, where you can train 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from the convenience of a computer or mobile device.2. Second is ILT Or Instructor-Led training where you get undivided attention from an instructor for the duration of the course.
3. Lastly the 3rd option which is “Blended Learning” what we call the best of both worlds ( OSL – Online Self Learning 24x7x365 + ILT Instructor Led Training 3-5 days a month)

IT Tutor Pro trainers and our global partner network are the rock stars of training, well known for their expertise, industry-wide credibility, and engaging personalities. They enable IT Tutor Pro to deliver accurate, up-to-date training and practice labs “a huge plus” for hands on learning experience.. There are no scripts, EVER. Our trainers love to teach, and you will notice it!

Our CEO and founder Kailash was a Microsoft trainer himself when he began recording for IT Tutor Pro’ very first training videos back in 2006. He wanted to help provide large organizations, small teams and individuals with comprehensive and budget-conscious training, and he realized it couldn’t be done in a classroom seating.

From the IT Tutor Pro team – “A global partner network” Headquarters in Boston, MA with a global presence.IT Tutor Pro team promises each video, instructors and labs will be informative, comprehensive, accurate, and fun to watch and learn.

WHY LOOK ELSEWHERE – We are One Stop Shop for all your training needs!