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The Mechanics of Our White Label Reseller Program

ITTP collaborates with you to create a fully customized White-Labeled Learning Management System (LMS) that aligns seamlessly with your brand and aesthetics, incorporating ITTP’s cutting-edge courses and technology. Our network of resellers spans the globe, delivering top-tier IT training.

We equip you with all the essential tools required to market these courses on your e-commerce platform, presented under your unique brand identity. While you benefit from wholesale pricing for all the courses you offer, you retain the autonomy to establish the pricing structure for your clientele. As customers engage with your platform and purchase these courses, you’ll witness a steady stream of revenue flowing into your business.

Projected Sales Growth of Online Learning

Foreseeable Expansion in Online Learning Sector Sales
These numerical values, denominated in billions of U.S. dollars, illustrate annual projections, firmly supported by a strong Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 17.5%. The data derives from Allied Market Research’s comprehensive report published in 2022.

The trajectory of the online learning sector indicates remarkable growth potential. With a consistent CAGR of 17.5%, the industry is set to experience substantial increases in revenue. This promising trend is not merely speculative; it is substantiated by rigorous research and market analysis conducted by Allied Market Research in the year 2022.

As the demand for online education continues to surge, the significance of these projections cannot be understated. It underscores the increasing preference for online learning platforms and the sector’s resilience and adaptability in meeting diverse educational needs. The robust CAGR serves as a testament to the sector’s enduring relevance and the opportunities it offers for educators, learners, and investors alike.

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Dedicated IT Tutor PRO Reseller Account Representative.

"Your Partner for Sales Success"

Whether you’re representing a university or a business, our dedicated ITTP Reseller Account Representative is here to support your goals. With a global network of resellers, our Account Representatives are strategically positioned to collaborate with you. They’re committed to ensuring you’re well-equipped with all the necessary materials, strategies, and insights to not only amplify sales but also optimize profitability. Together, we aim to deliver the finest learning solutions, enhancing the educational experience for your valued student base and customers.


Benefits of partnering with ITTP

Why become a reseller with ITTP?

Ask our resellers

“ITTP has been our choice learning provider for over four years. We researched over 10 different vendors prior to selecting them and have renewed our contract with them during that same timeframe. Their courses are high quality, current, relevant, and taught by experienced and engaging instructors. Further, their customer service is responsive and knowledgeable. They are a trusted business partner with a high degree of integrity.” - A.I

“We have been working with ITTP for over three years now and they have been a joy to work with. Any issues we have had (which isn't often) have always been dealt with quickly. The service in general has been fantastic and the upgrades have made things a lot easier for our students to navigate and learn. I would particularly like to say a big thank you to Mary Beth who has been my main point of contact with ITTP and has been a credit to the company. - M.B

Going with ITTP is the best decision... ITTP has always been my choice, if not first. I have tried other educational vendors as well, but the quality ITTP promises and delivers is the best. Furthermore, their customer service is a no-compromise zone. They changed my perception of online business when our clients got the best courses. So it's not just us, but our happy customers as well. Will definitely recommend it. - Y.N.

“ITTP has been our choice learning provider for over four years. We researched over 10 different vendors prior to selecting them and have renewed our contract with them during that same timeframe. Their courses are high quality, current, relevant, and taught by experienced and engaging instructors. Further, their customer service is responsive and knowledgeable. They are a trusted business partner with a high degree of integrity.” - K.C.

"When Optima Training & Consultancy Ltd was established in 2019, we rapidly realized that to offer a class leading product and service, we needed to find a partner to supply our courseware. After researching several companies, we chose to use ITTP Online as they aligned most closely with our goals of providing excellent learning, class leading material, ease of administrational use, and excellent customer service. -S.B.

“Onboarding with ITTP was smooth and we had very few problems. Mary Beth was there every step of the way and quickly resolved any minor issues we may have had. Over the past two years we’ve had the occasional hiccup with classes but Mary Beth has always been there to quickly resolve them. I think one of our biggest fears, and what we have experienced with other companies, is that the vendor is usually attentive and quick to respond. - C.V.

We have worked with ITTP for over 10 years as Resellers for their training courses. Their customer support is excellent and any issues, questions or queries are handled efficiently and promptly - usually within a few hours. Their range of courses is excellent and new courses are released on a regular basis. The branded LMS is easy to use and allows us to add new users, run reports and assign courses as required. - D.G.

What makes ITTP stand out for me more than anything, is their level of customer service. The team is always willing to accommodate our needs as a business. We have been a strategic partner for several years now, and the consistency of the customer service has never changed. ITTP clearly has a strong customer ethos. We look forward to continuing to work with them in the years to come. - J.T.


Benefits of partnering with ITTP

Frequently Asked Questions

An IT reseller purchases the rights to distribute ITTP’s library of IT training videos under their own brand. This is facilitated through a white label Learning Management System (LMS) that ITTP provides.
The reseller can sell these training resources to their customers as if they were their own product, thereby adding value to their existing offerings and enhancing their brand without the need to develop the content themselves.
The white label LMS provided by ITU allows the reseller to customize the platform with their own branding, meaning the customers see the reseller’s branding and not ITU’s. The reseller essentially acts as the provider of the service, dealing with customer relations, marketing, and pricing, while ITU provides the content and platform infrastructure.
This type of reselling is particularly beneficial for businesses in the IT sector, or those who have customers who would benefit from IT training. The business can extend their product or service line without having to develop new content from scratch.
In the ITTP reseller program, resellers primarily make money by selling access to ITTP’s IT training courses to their own customers. This is made possible through a white label Learning Management System (LMS) provided by ITTP, which allows resellers to distribute the courses under their own branding.
Resellers acquire access to these training courses at a discounted, wholesale rate from ITTP. They then sell this access to their customers at a retail price they set themselves. The difference between the wholesale price paid to ITTP and the retail price charged to customers is the reseller’s profit.
In addition to this, resellers may also generate revenue by bundling ITTP’s training courses with other products or services they offer, or by providing additional value-added services such as support or consultancy. This allows resellers to create unique offerings that cater to the specific needs of their customer base.
In summary, the ITTP reseller program allows resellers to benefit from the quality and reputation of ITTP’s training courses while setting their own prices and serving their customers under their own brand.
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Becoming a reseller is easy, simply fill out the online form, and an account representative will contact you shortly to give a demonstration of the program and answer any questions you might have. 

The income potential for resellers varies widely and depends on many factors, including reseller’s marketing and sales abilities, their business model, their customer base, and market demand for the product or service.
In the case of an ITTP reseller, for example, factors like the price set for the courses, the volume of sales, and the level of demand for IT training within the reseller’s customer base can all impact the amount of money a reseller can make.
Furthermore, resellers that offer value-added services or bundle the courses with other offerings might be able to generate additional revenue.

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