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Instructor-led training, or ILT, is the practice of training and learning material between an instructor and learners, either individuals or groups.


Instructor-Led Training allows a hands-on and personal approach. Here are some of the benefits you will see as a result of using ILT’s:

  • An expert Instructor facilitates the training sessions
  • It allows for feedback to be given in real time
  • The Instructor’s style or approach can be adapted if they realize that the class is not picking the information up as well as they would like. They can return to previous points or place emphasis on particular elements if they sense confusion
  • A ‘classroom’ can be a social learning experience
  • The subject matter may require practical instruction or demonstration
  • Learners can learn from the questions of others.

Quick FAQS's

How Can Our LMS Facilitate ILT?

An LMS can help to organize, schedule and report on an Instructor-led session. The key benefits of using an LMS to run ILT’s are:

  • Easy scheduling of sessions
  • Invitation emails are sent to attendees
  • Automatic reminders of upcoming sessions are sent to attendees
  • Wait listing for sessions at capacity
  • Rosters of attendees for Instructors in physical form or on their device
    • Call us  1-888-910-4866 or email sales@ITTutor

ILT Live Classroom

Our expert instructors and hands-on labs provide results-oriented, classroom training. We offer public dates at a wide variety of locations. Courses are run by experienced practitioners and many of them lead to external qualifications for delegates.

If a public training schedule course is not available, we will work with you to provide a private company training alternative, at a Global Knowledge office or at your location.

ILT Virtual Classroom

By using webinar tools, you can carry out virtual classroom sessions. If you want to pursue a blended learning model you can choose an LMS that integrates with your webinar tool. Key information like attendance can be sent back to your LMS for reporting purposes. This makes the process easier than keeping your own records of attendance external to a course. It reduces the manual effort and the possibility of the duplication of records. As previously mentioned an ILT is not just for a physical classroom. Webinar tools like Zoom allow learners to attend ILT’s remotely and still get the benefit of the Instructor’s knowledge. Webinar tools are progressing to the point where the experience is getting closer to attending the session in person. The class recording are made available for future review.

For example, in a webinar an attendee can raise their hand and ask a question in real-time. This allows for feedback to be given during or after the session.

What is Blended Learning?

Blended learning is a term used to describe the combination of eLearning and Instructor Led Training. It describes offline and online components being ‘blended’ together. Comparing online versus offline may not actually be the best approach as the Instructor-led sessions can also be in webinar form. Perhaps a better way to look at it is whether the content is on demand or live.

  • Instructor-Led Training sessions in person or via webinar (live)
  • Online learning courses or materials (on demand)


Blending live sessions and on-demand CBT content in a course is a great way to engage your learners and keep a feedback loop open. With an LMS you should be able to manage both in one place to reduce time and effort. If using multiple tools is causing you headaches and costing you time then now is a good time to look for an LMS that will make it easy to manage your classroom sessions, CBT, Labs, and ITL webinars.

Our team often hears the question: “We want to move our training online, can we schedule in-person sessions as part of a course on your LMS?” The answer is yes, ask us how email Sales@ITTutor