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Using the Right Language
Nurturing Customer Relationships
Practicing Positivity
Achieving Clarity
Maintaining Composure

Project Management Methodologies1 (Winter 2020)
Project Management Methodologies 2 (Winter 2020)
Activity & Resource Planning (Winter 2020)
Organizing & Motivating a Team (Winter 2020)
Controlling Time Management (Winter 2020)
Developing a Budget (Cost Estimating) (Winter 2020)
Ensuring Customer Satisfaction (Winter 2020)
Managing Project Risk (Winter 2020)
Monitoring Progress (Winter 2020)
Managing & Producing Reports (Winter 2020)


Researching Your Prospect
How to Build Rapport
Questioning Skills
Prioritizing Prospects
Obtaining Commitment


The 7 Skills of Critical ThinkingCreative ThinkingCritical Observation
Being Adaptable
Driving Innovation
Thinking Logically
Problem Solving
Dealing with Uncertainty
Being Resourceful
The Power of Analysis

Introduction to Coaching
Using Coaching Models
Establishing a Coaching Culture
Building Trust & Rapport
Asking the Right Questions
The Art of Listening
The Power of Silence
The Importance of Goal Setting
Creating Accountability
Giving Effective Feedback

Introduction to Coaching
Using Coaching Models
Establishing a Coaching Culture
Building Trust & Rapport
Asking the Right Questions
The Art of Listening
The Power of Silence
The Importance of Goal Setting
Creating Accountability
Giving Effective Feedback


Equality & Diversity (Winter 2020)
Sexual Harassment (Winter 2020)
Fire Safety Awareness (Winter 2020)
Drug & Alcohol Abuse (Winter 2020)
Anti-Bribery (Winter 2020)
Anti-Money Laundering (Winter 2020)
Active Shooter (Winter 2020)
Code of Conduct (Winter 2020)
Whistleblowing (Winter 2020)
Conflict of Interest (Winter 2020)


Data Literacy (Winter 2020)
The Power of Big Data (Winter 2020)
Visualizing Data (Winter 2020)
Data Ownership (Winter 2020)
The Five P’s (Winter 2020)
The Entrepreneurial Mindset (Winter 2020)
Being Curious (Winter 2020)
The Power of Imagination (Winter 2020)
Being Self Aware (Winter 2020)
Building Relationships & Networking (Winter 2020)
The Power of Influence (Winter 2020)
Taking Measured Risks (Winter 2020)
Being Prepared to Fail (Winter 2020)
Turning Ideas into Actions (Winter 2020)
Finance Essentials
The Basics of Financial Management
The Flow of Money
Key Financial Statements
The Importance of Cash Flow
The Value of Budgeting

Maintaining CS Across Channels
The Importance of Brand
Customer Relationships
Customer Loyalty
Effective Problem Solving
Handling Complaints Gracefully
Cross-selling and Up-selling
Managing Customers Expectations
Going beyond Customer Service

The Power of a Strong Password
The Danger of Viruses & Malware
Looking after Your Data!
Keeping Your Mobile Safe
The Risks of Ransomware
Network Security & Cloud Computing
Phishing & Anti-Spam
Social Engineering
Internet of Things Attacks (coming soon)
Security & Compliance Audits
Identity Theft
GDPR (Winter 2020)
Data Protection (Winter 2020)
Data Breaches (Winter 2020)
PCI DSS (Payment Card Compliance) (Winter 2020)
Information Security (Winter 2020)

The Importance of Training
Adapting to Innovation
Performance Management
Handling Disciplinaries
Talent Management & Development
Bullying & Violence
Employee Engagement
Flexible & Remote Working
HR for Non-HR Managers

The Four Types of Leader
Delegation and Empowerment
Emotional & Cultural Intelligence
Being Authentic
Inspiring Others
Taking Accountability
Making Decisions
Being Confident
Being Brave

Managers vs. Leaders
Conflict Management
Effective Meetings
Motivating Others
Promoting Talent
Leading by Example
Facilitating Results
Making Deals
Leading Remote Teams
Managing Change

The Psychology of Learning
Learning Styles
The Power of Micro-Learning
Defining Learning Objectives
Learning ROI
Learning Culture in the Workplace
Learning & Employee Engagement
Promoting Social Learning
Growth Mindset
Removing the Barriers to Learning

Your Shop Window – Your Website
Do Your Research (Brand & Product)
Know Your Customers
The Power of Social Media
Curating the Right Content
The Role of Partnerships
Brand Ambassadors
The Power of Networking
Show Don’t Tell
Introduction to Marketing Automation
Project Management Essentials
Initiating a Project
Planning a Project
Executing a Project
Monitoring a Project
Closing a Project
Recruitment 101 Essentials
Interview Skills
First Impressions
Career Planning
Hiring Right, First Time
Importance of Onboarding

Sales Listening Skills
Creating your Pipeline
Managing your Pipeline
The Sales Pitch
Effective Presentations
Selling the Proposed Solution
Building Benefits
Keeping Prospects Engaged
Closing Difficult Deals
Importance of Sharing Sales Feedback

The Power of Teamworking
Setting Common Goals
Celebrating Differences & Diversity
Building Trust & Respect
Roles & Responsibilities
Communicating Openly
Encouraging Different Opinions
Dealing with Difficult Personalities
Celebrating Success
What is a Millennial
Communicating with a Millennial
Millennials and Technology
Training Millennials
The Leadership Role Model
Leading with Respect
Leading with Energy
Being Positive
Leading with Commitment
Using Humor
The Power of Patience
Recognizing & Rewarding Others
Leading with Empathy
Being Energetic
A Healthy Manager is a Good Manager

Eating Healthily
Understanding Emotions
The Importance of Sleep
Work / Life Balance
The Importance of Exercise
Dealing with Stress
Wellbeing & Productivity
Kicking Bad Habits
The Dangers of Sitting Down!
Promoting Health & Wellbeing at Work

Slips, Trips & Falls
Use the Handrail
Cable Management
Reporting a Hazard
Manual Handling
Workstation Ergonomics
Don’t Speed on Site
Driving & Using Your Phone
Don’t Walk & Text
Going Remote


Being Punctual (Winter 2020)
Meeting Deadlines (Winter 2020)
Multi-tasking & Being Organised (Winter 2020)
Self-Managing (Winter 2020)
Time Management (Winter 2020)
Working Under Pressure (Winter 2020)
Persistence & Resilience (Winter 2020)
Avoiding Distractions (Winter 2020)
Staying Motivated (Winter 2020)
The Importance of Planning (Winter 2020)