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It’s a fast-paced business world. And, in order to thrive at work, employees need to develop the skills that will make them more determined to reach their business goals. In other words, they need a strong work ethic.

This course collection will help everyone boost all the skills needed for a strong work ethic: from being punctual and meeting deadlines, to avoiding distractions and staying motivated. They will also learn to work effectively under pressure and improve their time management skills.

All courses take 15 minutes or less to complete, and provide all the information that’s essential to developing a strong work ethic.

Being Punctual

Learn how punctuality can help your team and how to improve it for everyone’s benefit with this course.

Meeting Deadlines

Learn how to set realistic deadlines, and train your team on achieving their deadlines, too.

Multitasking and Being Organized

Learn what organization and multitasking are, how they can help you in the workplace, and how to improve them, with this course.


Learn what self-management is, and how self-managed teams can help in the workplace, with this course.

Time Management

Time management is important – more so in the workplace. Learn why, as well as how to manage limited time, with this course.

Working Under Pressure

Learn about the dangers of working under pressure and how to prepare for pressurized situations in the workplace with this course.

Persistence and Resilience

Learn what persistence and resilience are, and how they can help you in difficult situations in the workplace

Avoiding Distractions

Learn how to avoid distractions in the workplace and train yourself to focus better with this course.

Staying Motivated

Learn why motivation is important in the workplace, and how to stay motivated at work, with this course.

The Importance of Planning

Learn how planning will help you improve in the workplace, and how to create an effective plan, with this course.


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