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Don’t believe the myths — nobody is born a leader. Even the best leaders you can think of have spent time and energy developing their skills. And with these courses, you can learn these skills too.

Leadership can be complicated, and it requires practice and dedication. This collection of courses focuses on leadership, management, and emotional intelligence skills. You’ll learn how to lead with respect, empathy, and positive energy. You’ll also learn to recognize when to be patient, when to use humor, and when to admit you’re wrong.

While each course in this collection takes 15 minutes or less to complete, the skills you’ll learn will last a lifetime.

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Leading with Respect and Respecting Others

Learn about the importance of leading with respect, and how creating this kind of environment produces successful, productive employees.

Leading with Energy

Discover what it takes to lead with passion and energy, and how this attitude will inspire and benefit everyone on your team.

Being Positive

Learn how improving your positivity both in your own role, and within your team at work can help boost morale.

Leading with Commitment

See how leading with commitment will inspire your team members to also feel committed both to their roles, and to your organization.

Using Humor

Discover how the correct type of humor in the workplace can help boost morale and productivity in your team.

The Power of Patience

Improve relationships within your team, and earn the respect of your colleagues by displaying patience, even in challenging situations.

Recognizing and Rewarding Others

By recognizing and rewarding the work of your employees you’ll inspire them to always do their best, and boost morale and productivity.

Leading with Empathy

Build stronger relationships within your team and motivate staff by learning how to lead with empathy.

Knowing When You’re Wrong

Recognizing when you’ve made a mistake, or are wrong about something is a vitally important skill that every leader should have.

A Healthy Manager is a Good Manager

Being a manager may make it more challenging to take care of your health, but failing to do so will affect you and everyone on your team.
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