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It takes a village to raise a child. Whether that child is a babbling toddler, a new project, product or pivot, the same rules apply. To complete any work-related goal, we have to work in teams. And that’s what this collection is all about.

These animated courses cover the essential skills we all need for successfully working together. From setting common goals to communicating openly and building trust and respect, this Essential Collection will get all your teams thinking in new ways about teamwork.

With a cast of loveable characters playing roles like Mulder and Scully from the X-files, these courses will educate, inspire, and stick with your team long after they’ve hit the complete button..

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The Power of Teamworking

Learn about the benefits of teamwork, and which soft skills you can train and improve to become the best team player possible.

Setting Common Goals

Learn how to establish and communicate a common goal when working with others to get the most out of teamwork.


When it comes to completing major tasks, knowing how to collaborate with others can help produce the highest-quality result possible.

Celebrating Difference & Diversity

Embracing diversity in the workplace will help create a team of multiple perspectives, allowing for the best work to be accomplished.

Building Trust & Respect

Establishing trust and respect among team members is a critical part of having a high-functioning team that produces its best possible work.

Roles & Responsibilities

When roles in a team are clearly defined, everyone is more productive. This brief course covers why and how role clarity is integral.

Communicating Openly

This short course covers the advantages of communicating openly and honestly with your workforce, and how to encourage your teams to do it.

Encouraging Different Opinions

Differences of opinion are vital for a company’s growth and development. This course shows how to create a safe workplace for disagreements.

Dealing with Difficult Personalities

Knowing how to handle difficult personalities is a vital skill. This course covers the coping & negotiating strategies to keep teams cohesive.

Celebrating Success

Do you celebrate success at work? This course covers how celebrating boosts staff morale and productivity and shows you how to do it right.

What is a Millennial (including values)

Millennials make up a huge part of the workforce, so getting to know them and their values is critical for managing a successful team.

Communicating with a Millennial

As technology changes, so does the way we communicate with each other. Learn about the methods of communication that millennials use.

Millennials and Technology

Learn about the unique relationship that millennials have with technology compared to other generations, and what role this plays at work.

Training Millennials

With the rise of technology, learning and development has also changed. That means that your training approach should adapt as well.
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