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What is work if not an endless string of projects? Whether you work alone or with a team, tasks are rarely ever completed in a single step. That means having project management skills is essential if you want to get work done successfully and efficiently.

This collection takes you through each phase of managing a project, from initiation to completion. Designed for anyone who needs to plan and execute a multi-step process, these courses will show you how to determine feasibility, delegate tasks, monitor progress, and evaluate results. They will also identify and train the skills that are important for project management, like communication, decision making, critical thinking, and adaptability.

These short courses will help you get these skills under your belt in no time, empowering you to carry out with confidence every future project to come.

Initiating a Project

When you have multiple tasks that need to be done simultaneously, knowing how to get started is the first step in completing the project.

Planning a Project

Making a plan is key for completing projects. Learn how to set and assign tasks, and how to streamline processes for maximum productivity.

Executing a Project

Learn how to smoothly execute a plan for a project, and how to monitor each step along the way to ensure successful completion.

Monitoring a Project

Knowing how to monitor tasks, stay on track, and make adjustments to a plan as needed are all crucial parts of running a successful project.

Closing a Project

Learn how to close projects successfully once they have been completed, and how making time for evaluation can help improve future projects.


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