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In business, tasks are rarely ever completed in a single step. That means project management skills are essential if you want to get work done successfully and efficiently.

This advanced project management collection explores the different project methodologies you can choose for your project needs. It lays out the fundamentals of activity and resource planning, shows your project managers how to develop a budget, and how to monitor the project’s progress – all while managing project risk.

These short courses will help your teams get these skills under their belt in no time. All courses are completed in 15 minutes or less, and will help your teams carry out every future project successfully.

Project Management Methodologies Part 1

The right project management strategy can help you reach your project goals. Here are the methodologies that will help you achieve that.

Project Management Methodologies Part 2

The right project management strategy can help you reach your project goals. Learn more about the methodologies that will help you achieve that.

Activity and Resource Planning

Take your first steps into Project Management by learning what activity and resource planning is and how to use it effectively in projects.

Organizing and Motivating a Team

Learn about the importance of organizing your teams, and identify ways to help motivate your team members!

Time Management in Projects

Learn how to manage time effectively, so all your projects will run smoothly.

Developing a Budget (Cost Estimating)

Learn how to take the right steps towards developing a budget for your projects, and choose the right estimation system for your business.

Ensuring Customer Satisfaction

Learn how to manage customers’ expectations, and how to keep your customers satisfied with your project deliverables.

Managing Project Risk

Find out how to decide if a risk is worth taking in projects, and what processes are involved in making that decision.

Monitoring Progress

Learn how to track the progress of your project to monitor how close you are to your project goals.

Producing Reports

Reports are an important part of tracking your project’s progress. Learn how to choose and create the right reports in this course.


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