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communication skills

Customer Service Training Essentials

Let’s face it. Most businesses today have competition. Customers are spoiled for choice and can pick and choose based on a number of factors. So, how do you stand out from the crowd and get more eyes (and hearts) on you? The answer is customer service. And this Customer Service Collection is made up of […]


Recruitment 101 Essentials

The recruitment process can be challenging for both employees and employers. Whether it’s interviewing, making a good first impression, hiring, or onboarding, preparation is key. Both personal development and company growth take time and effort, though. With the right skills, you can minimize the number of mistakes along the way, and shorten the time it takes to reach […]


Sales Skills Applied

When it comes to selling, the difference between an untrained sales team versus an all-star lineup is money — a whole lot of it. Make sure your people are equipped with all the skills and knowledge they need to close more deals in less time. This collection of courses covers sales topics like reaching and prioritizing […]