Shakespeare believed that life is a stage, and we are all actors. Taylor Swift argues that “life is just a classroom.” Some times we are learners, other times teachers. This collection of courses covers the essentials of learning so that we can all be more effective teachers.

Topics include the psychology of learning, learning styles, learning objectives, and there’s even a microlearning course on…microlearning! All courses are ideal for anyone on your team who has been thrust in a learning or training role and needs to quickly gain skills and knowledge about how adults learn.

With official TalentLibrary characters playing the likes of Ivan Pavlov, Harry Potter, and Severus Snape, these short courses in Learning Essentials will educate, inspire, and stick with your team long after they’ve hit the complete button.

The Psychology of Learning

Learning or teaching new skills is a part of work. This course covers the psychology of learning and different types of learning theories.

Learning Styles

Start here to learn how we learn. This course covers the various learning styles as well as the theories for and against using them.

The Power of Microlearning

In this nugget-sized course, you’ll learn all about microlearning and how this approach can make learning and training more effective.

Defining Learning Objectives

Learning objectives are essential for giving purpose to learners. This course covers what they are, their benefits, and how to write them.

Learning ROI

This course covers learning ROI. You’ll learn its benefits and a simple way to calculate it to ensure your training is financially viable.

Learning Culture in the Workplace

Discover the importance of establishing a learning culture in the workplace, and the benefits that come with a workforce motivated to learn.

Learning and Employee Engagement

A good leader doesn’t just make sure work gets done. They motivate and engage their teams so that they can always perform at their best.

Promoting Social Learning

Learn about the benefits of social learning, how it can improve a business, and how to integrate it in the workplace.

Growth Mindset

See how you can implement a growth mindset in both your professional and personal life, and experience the resulting benefits.

Removing the Barriers to Learning

Learn how to recognize and eliminate barriers in the workplace that prevent your team from completing tasks and performing at their best.


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