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There are managers, and then there are leaders. But excellent leaders aren’t created overnight. It takes time to learn and master skills like communication, emotional intelligence, critical thinking, and mentoring. This collection of courses lays out the foundation of building and strengthening these skills.

Suited for managers and newly promoted leaders, this collection covers the fundamentals of conflict management, promoting talent, facilitating results, and more. It also examines the potential costs and consequences that can occur when strong leadership is lacking in a company.

When managers are trained to become better leaders, everyone on the team benefits. See how these short courses can help boost productivity, morale, and company-wide success.

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Managers vs Leaders

Learn how to become more than just a manager. Become a leader that your team will look up to, and that is known for being a top performer.

Conflict Management

Preserve your organization’s success by learning how to create a workforce that is adaptable and responsive to change and innovation.

Effective Meetings

An important part of being a leader is knowing how to hold effective meetings. Learn how to make pointless meetings a thing of the past.

Motivating Others

Discover how you can be a leader that always motivates their team, boosting their happiness, engagement, and productivity at work.

Promoting Talent

Discover how promoting talent within your organization will boost your team’s morale, as well as their overall productivity and success.

Leading by Example

As a leader, your team looks to you for direction. Leading by example will help everyone see what the right kind of behavior is at work.

Facilitating Results

Learn how to facilitate the best possible outcomes at work by maximizing each of your team members’ performances and skills.

Making Deals

Whether you’re dealing with customers, other businesses, or members of your own team, knowing how to make a good deal is crucial.

Leading Remote Teams

With the remote work on the rise, knowing how to lead a team that you can’t see in front of you has become more important than ever.

Managing Change

Learn how you can make change more manageable for your team, and how you can make it a positive experience for everyone involved.
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