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Leadership may not be the main priority during the early stages of a business, when there are only a handful of people working together. But once your business leaves the garage and grows into a larger organization, quality leadership becomes an important part of ensuring business success.

This collection of courses will teach your team about the four different types of leaders, and what qualities and skills they should possess. From confidence to humility, delegation to decision making, these courses cover the soft skills that separate average leaders from great ones. It also covers emotional and cultural intelligence, and how different workplace scenarios require different kinds of leadership.

While this collection is directly relevant to managers and team leaders, it can also benefit employees of all levels. With courses on confidence, bravery, and authenticity, everyone has something to gain from learning more about these soft skills in the workplace.

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Leadership is important for both professional and personal growth. Learn about the different styles, and discover which works best for you.
Make every member of your team feel important and needed by learning how to delegate, and empower them with the right responsibilities.
This course focuses on humility, and how demonstrating this trait can help you become a better, more approachable leader for your team.
Learning how to read emotions and adapt to different cultures helps teams work together more efficiently and improves work relationships.
Learn about the importance of being authentic in the workplace, and how this can help you build a healthy relationship with your team.
Learn how to inspire and motivate your team to perform at its best, creating a workplace that is happier and more productive for everyone.
This course covers accountability, and how taking responsibility for mistakes in the workplace can improve every part of the business.
Learn why being decisive in the workplace is important, and how to quickly and consistently make the best decisions possible.
This course will teach you about being confident in the workplace, and how putting yourself out there can help advance your career.
By learning how and when to be brave in the workplace, you’ll become a better leader and inspire the same bravery in your team.
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