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Challenges and differences among team members arise even in the most talented, efficient workplaces. It’s only natural— if you put enough people in a room together, problems will come up. The key to solving these problems is not avoidance, but understanding.

This collection contains valuable information not only for those who work in HR, but also for managers, leaders, and people involved in hiring and training. Whether it’s handling disciplinaries, transitioning to remote work, or training and development, this collection covers the fundamentals of HR. It also provides guidance for non HR managers and leaders, who likely have to address challenges within their teams and handle incidents internally.

The skills taught in this collection will help ensure that productivity doesn’t suffer when challenges come up. With strong communication, problem-solving, and leadership skills, your team will thrive and grow together.

The Importance of Training

The benefits of offering training and development to employees are far-reaching, as they help team members gain and retain new skills.

Adapting to Innovation

Preserve your organization’s success by learning how to create a workforce that is adaptable and responsive to change and innovation.

Performance Management

Discover the best way to conduct performance management so that your teams know exactly what they do well, and where they can improve.

Handling Disciplinaries

Disciplinary procedures can be difficult for everyone, but carrying them out correctly is vital for keeping an organization on track.

Talent Management and Development

Learn how proper talent management within an organization could be the key to taking performance from average, to excellent.

Bullying and Violence

Make sure your work environment is safe and comfortable for everyone by learning how to identify and eliminate bullying behavior.

Employee Engagement

Discover the importance of employee engagement in the workplace, and how positive energy can increase productivity and well-being.

Flexible and Remote Working

Explore the benefits that remote working can bring to your organization, and ditch the misconceptions surrounding flexible working.

HR for Non-HR Managers

While HR may handle a majority of issues within a company, some problems will have to be dealt with by managers and within departments.

Introduction to Marketing Automation

Discover how marketing automation can save you time and lighten your workload so that you can get ahead or important task.


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