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The business world is evolving. If you want your organization to not just survive but thrive in these changing times, then your team needs to develop skills that will help them keep up.

This collection of interactive video courses is designed to help your teams develop andstrengthen valuable business skills including critical thinking, observation, adaptability, logical thinking, problem-solving, and more.

In the world of business, time really is money. That’s why each course in this collection only takes 15 minutes or less to complete. In this short amount of time, your team can learn game-changing skills that will boost both their professional development and the success of your organization.

The 7 Skills of Critical Thinking

Develop your critical thinking skills and keep up with the rapidly changing business world that’s full of problems to be solved.

Creative Thinking

Discover ways to hone your creative thinking skills and apply them to solving problems and addressing challenges at work.

Critical Observation

Discover how sharp critical observation skills can help you spot and prevent workplace issues, and help solve problems that arise.

Being Adaptable

Being adaptable to change is a critical part of not only surviving, but thriving in the business world. Learn how with this course.

Driving Innovation

Learn how to drive innovation in the workplace and achieve goals that previously seemed unreachable.

Thinking Logically

Learn how developing your logical thinking skills will help you create strategies, and quickly resolve problems both in and out of work.


Discover some new problem-solving strategies that can help both you and your team work through challenges faster and more effectively.

Dealing with Uncertainty

Discover methods for dealing with uncertainty in business, and how innovation can help drive decision making, even when there are unknowns.

Being Resourceful

In business, you’ll rarely have all of the resources you need at your disposal. But being resourceful will allow you to succeed anyway.

The Power of Analysis

Sharpen your business analysis skills so that you can spot opportunities to increase revenue, decrease costs, and bring value to the team.


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